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HOLD THE DATE!!!!!……for our annual dinner and meeting to be held this year again at the Bristol YC in Bristol, RI, on Friday, May 9th, beginning at 6 pm. We will open with cocktails, move to dinner, and end up with presentations, a brief business meeting, and a planning open discussion. Our Spring meetings are always a blast, and a sure sign that summer and sailing is on its way. Crew, families, friends, all are welcomed!


Dinner is a buffet-style affair costing $20/person. 3 entrees will be offered, along with a meat-free option. Please contact Chris Healy, BYC steward, by phone or email at Bristol YC  to let him know you and how many others will be attending. You will pay at the bar on the 18th with cash or credit card.

I know distance precludes many of you from attending the Annual Meeting. Let me know if there is a subject you would like discussed, and I will place it on the agenda. If you have difficulty notifying Chris that you are coming to the dinner, email me directly at seaspriteassociation.com with your information.

Please come and rekindle sailing friendships, meet fellow sailors, trade sailing stories, and have a ball. Every year is a great time.

See you May 9th!


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New Membership Benefits

*****************************NEW THIS YEAR**************************************

If you are an active member of the Sea Sprite Association, you can receive a 10% discount off Jamestown Distributors products and a 10% discount off all sails from Quantum/Thurston. For details, see “Membership Discount Benefits” links in the right-hand menu.

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Racing Round Table In Bristol: Commentary And Results



About 12 skippers and crew gathered in Bristol on an early February Tuesday evening for 2 hours of give-and-take about thoughts on sailing fast. Here is a brief summary of important points critical to sailing a SS23 fast:

* Keep the boat moving The SS23, with a significant displacement and a full keel, slows quickly. Nose down after a tack Continue reading

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Sea Sprite 34 DataBase So Far (3/1/2014) A Great Success

Bob Tepper (of Marital Advice From A Sailor fame…see below) is compiling a SS34 database. He announces great response as of 3/1/2014 so far.  Along with Chad Brown, he is the contact person for the SS34 fleet. Bob sends this request:

…send me the boat name, hull # and current owner of your SS 34, and that of any other 34′s Continue reading

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2014 Sea Sprite Association Membership Dues

Hello, Everyone:

Just a quick and only reminder (I promise) about dues. They are yearly, are only $25, and support the Sea Sprite Organization in providing you a growing number of services and a close sense of community. Thanks to all who joined last year and made possible our stronger organization. We had 60 sailors from 14 states plus British Columbia join up. Pretty amazing. Continue reading

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Norm Grant SS23 Photos

Norm Grant is a Rhode Island based photographer who among other subjects has taken some gorgeous pictures of sailboat racing on Narragansett Bay. He has been a photographer for 30 years, currently producing video for the Community College of Rhode Island and shooting freelance photo and video assignments. He welcomes inquiries for event photography, documentaries, or corporate videos, and can be reached through his website at http:////normangrant.zenfolio.com


He has kindly lent our website numerous photos of Sea Sprite 23′s sailing in local races in the upper Narragansett Bay. The images below are from Bristol YC races in 2010 and 2013 as well as from the Mount Hope Sailing Association races in 2013 and the Herreshoff Regatta from 2010. You will also see a few of them cropped and used as web site headers. If you use any of these pictures from our site, please give him appropriate credit. If you would like prints, they can be ordered from his website.


By the way, if you would like to while away some time in the cold (or even warm) weather season, go to his website and scroll through his galleries. He has some spectacular shoots of PHRF yachts and big boat Herreshoff classics racing in the Upper Narraganset Bay.


SEA SPRITE RACING PICTURES FROM NORM GRANT. Single click on photo for full size screen.



Bob Rude and crew racing in MOHOSA 2013

Continue reading

2014 Narraganset Bay Racing

2014 is shaping up to be an exciting season for SS23 racing on Narraganset Bay. We have had a couple of boats turn over in the Bristol racing fleet, but still expect to see 12 -14 boats sign up for the Millard Series on Wednesday evenings. On the West Bay,  word is out of a nucleus of at least 5 racers poised to travel to the 3 big events set for 2014 (the North Americans at Bristol YC on July 12th, ‘Round The Hog set for August 2nd, ,and the Herreshoff Classic Boat Regatta to be held  on August 23rd). We will work with the Hospice Regatta (scheduled for early September) to provide a shorter course than around Prudence Island for one design racing. AND, if interest in racing builds on the West Bay side, we will coordinate an East/West Race on a weekend in mid September, date and time to be announced.

Remember, PHRF racing in a sea sprite is fun, and you might win your class. The Sea Sprite 23 has a more than competitive rating. You will need a PHRF rating from NBYA that will cost $35. You can race in your YC’s local PHRF weekly races as well as in the special events run by NBYA  (including their popular Super Tues/Wed/Thurs).  Most organizing authorities for races on the Bay (especially NBYA and MOHOSA) promise a separate start for a one-design fleet that enters 5 or more boats.

We will again award the Nancy Belle Trophy to the best Sea Sprite 23 racer on Narragansett Bay. However, for 2014, we will try a different selection system. Sea Sprite 23 race results from the entire summer from all events scheduled on the Bay will be collected and reviewed by the Executive Board. For events other than the big ones (North Americans, Herreshoff, Millard Series, ‘Round The Hog),  each skipper will keep a record of position finished and how many SS23s were beaten, and will report his/her performance at the end of the season. The Board will be responsible for developing scoring criteria and the selection process.

Best of luck to everyone. Have a ball!


2014 SS23 North American Championship


The event formerly known as the “Sea Sprite Regatta” has been upgraded this year to the “Sea Sprite 23 North American Championships”. It will be held in Bristol, RI, at the Bristol YC on July 12th, 2014, and will include 2 races on Saturday followed by drinks and a cookout on the porch of the Bristol YC. With the bigger title at stake, I expect more boats on the line!!!

See the NOR and the SI’s for more information, and then copy the Registration, fill it out, and ENTER!

2014 ‘Round The Hog




And inviting you to once again participate in the ‘Round Hog Island race. It is a great event, and does not count for anything other than bragging rights and a whole mess of fun. If it is windy, it is a short race! And we will meet afterwards for food and drink. Last year, Lou Marino and family hosted us for a pork shoulder roast barbecue after the racing at his house in downtown Bristol. His work schedule permitting, he has offered again this year to repeat last year’s gift.

See the attached Sailing Instructions for further information. And stay tuned for further details regarding post-race party.

2014 ‘Round The Hog SI


1.0 Rules

This fun race will be governed by The Racing Rules Of Sailing, class rules, good and prudent seamanship, Sailing Rules Of The Road, and common sense. There is no organizing authority, no protest committee, and no race committee.

2.0 Schedule Of Races

Warning sound will be at 1:00 pm for the start of one race at 1:05 pm on Saturday, August 2nd, 2014.

3.0 The Course

The course will be around Hog Island either clockwise or counterclockwise to be determined and announced on Channel 71 by 12:45 pm. In the event of extremely light air, the course may be shortened to a rounding of a single aid to navigation (either Bristol Point RN “2″ or Popasquash Point RB “1″) in consultation with all racers on channel 71.

4.0 The Start and The Finish

The start for a clockwise course around Hog Island will be on a line bearing 084 degrees from Middle Ground red and green can channel marker to Bristol. The finish for a clockwise course around Hog Island will be on a line bearing 320 degrees from Middle Ground channel marker to Popasquash Point. For a counterclockwise course around Hog Island, the start and finish lines just described will be reversed. Racers are responsible for their own proper starts and finishes.

The starting sounds will be a horn fired from Lulabelle. The starting sequence will consist of a pre-warning series of 5 short blasts followed in approximately 1 to 2 minutes by one long blast at 5 minutes to start, at 4 minutes to start, at 1 minute to start, and at the start.

5.0 Communications

All racers will stay tuned to and communicate on Channel 71. No check in required.

6.0 Areas That Are Obstructions

The areas between the following aids to navigation and the adjacent land are obstructions at all times and must not be crossed. If either RN”2″ off Bristol Point or RB “1″ off Popasquash Point are used as a rounding mark for a shortened course, the rounding should be close and the area of obstruction exited as soon as possible.

Castle Island Beacon north of Hog Island

Hog Island shoal light southeast of Hog Island

C”3″ east of Hog Island

RN”2″ south of Bristol Point

RN”2″ south of Hog Island

RB “1″ off Popasquash Point

C”3″ Usher’s Cove


7.0 Corrections

Any corrections to these SI’s will be emailed to racers by 9:00 am Friday, August 1st, 2014, and announced on channel 71 at 1245. Questions and comments may be addressed to Carter Hall at seaspriteassociation@yahoo.com.