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Searching The Forum

The Forum has over 10 years of postings with questions and answers about a multitude of topic regarding the Sea Sprite, This wealth of information can easily be tapped using the Search option from the Forum’s home page. Hit the box labelled Search, and then type in your key word. You will then have a page of threads on the Forum that have that key word. Alternatively, hit this button to get to the Forum’s Search function box: Search Function link

For example, if you wish to find out readers thoughts on what size motor to buy, type in “motor” in the search box. You can search on any word…winch handle, a boat name (try “Heritage” to get to Chance Smith’s posting on his extensive rehab project), sails, hatch cover, etc. We have broken out a few topics from such searches and have placed them under Technical. And you too can become a published author (!!!) by writing up the results of your Search on a topic and sending it into the SSA for placement in Technical.


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Zara Restoration

Paul Sollito, from Wickford, RI, has done a masterful restoration on Zara. His effort was completed 2 summers ago, and he pulled together last Fall his pictures and wrote up the story. Zara looks like a brand new boat. You can get to his documentation by clicking on “Zara” under “Restorations” on the right-hand menu. You can also go directly to Zara’s post by clicking here:

Zara Restoration

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2016 Dues Are Due

Yes, a reminder, everyone… yearly dues for 2016 are due. We again will keep dues capped at $25.  The BOD will meet this winter, review the budget, and will publish the budget and state of the organization report by Springtime.

This will be the only notice you will see (maybe one more in the Springtime) regarding dues. I will not bother members this year by sending out a blast email to everyone. Thanks to those who have joined already for 2016. And thanks to those 117 members from 23 states and Canada who have joined at least once in the past 3 years, many for multiple years. We are a strong organization because of your support.

Fair winds, everyone!


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Tim Lackey Restorations

As part of my winter project to post descriptions of rehabs for reference by Sea Sprite owners, here are 2 more recent major SS23 restorations done by Tim Lackey in Whitfield, Maine. They are Ms Lynn G, owned by Joel Schuman of Eagle Harbor, Wisconsin, and Aventura, owned by Peter Krause of MacMahan Island, Maine. Tim does fine work, and posts terrific documentation of the entire project.

His site is Lackey Sailing. From his home page click on Projects Log to get to links for Ms Lynn G and for Aventura. Alternatively you can get to the project documentation for each boat from the Restorations category on the right-hand menu on the home page of the Sea Sprite Association website.




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Heritage Restoration

Many of you know the work done by Chance Smith on Heritage, his SS23, from his postings on our Forum. Chance’s work is meticulous, and his documentation is beautiful. He believes we are all stewards of our boats. It shows in his work.

Chance posted many posts on our Forum for several years.  You can reference them by going to the SS23 Forum, and typing “Heritage” into the Search box at the top right-hand location. You can get to this site as well by clicking here: Search SS23 Forum link

In addition, he wrote several posts for a forum on the Pearson-Ariel website describing his work on through-hulls, cockpit drains, brass portholes, and the cabin sole. Click on the following link to get to his postings on their site:

Heritage Posting On Pearson-Aerial Site

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Is It Really Fall???

Last I checked, Fall is really here in New England. Yes, the leaves are turning and dropping. It is getting cold at night, And during the day, as well. The first frost has arrived, the apples are Delicious, and there are pumpkins everywhere. And yes, Lulabelle is covered.

lulabelle under wraps

She is not just out of the water, but is (finally) tucked away under a tarp in a little corner of the boatyard. Awaiting Spring. Like the rest of us.

Notes From Narragansett

But the season was busy, filled with great sailing and great friends. Here on Narragansett Bay, the season ended by September. The Wednesday evening series at Bristol YC was well attended for 12 races. Bob Catani won almost all of the SS23 races, and in fact won overall best boat in the entire series because of his consistent winning ways. Carter in Lulabelle pulled in 2nd, and Roger Carney garnered 3rd.

We raced the Sea Sprite Regatta in early August with 6 boats racing. Herb Browne and family in his newly purchased Marshall Catboat started the class  for 2 races. Bob C. placed first and second, winning the series.

And we saved the best for last. In early September, we had 9 boats for the ‘Round The Hog race. Perfect wind, perfect clear and blue and sunny day for a counterclockwise race around Hog Island, just outside Bristol Harbor. Jon Goff sailing Bramasole nipped Bob C. sailing with Jeff Bardell in Pau Hana. And the post-race party at Lou and Karen Marino’s home in Bristol was again a blast. Lou’s Famous Pulled Pork Barbecue took culinary honors.

Here are some pictures:


Carter presenting Mr. Hog to the combined winners Jon Goff sailing Bob C’s Bramasole.


The Spread


The slow roaster a la Lou…flower pots, electric coil, wood chips, briquets


New outdoor seating at the Marino’s


Race pics


Bob and Deb Rude with Emelia Marino and friend


Good food!!



Call For Postings

I hope there are pockets of SS23’s around the country who are getting together. And I know there are some great adventures waiting to be told. Please send me pictures, a story, a poem, your thoughts about a day sail, anything you think might be of interest to other sailors, and I will put it out as a post. We need some winter time reading!


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Norm Grant SS23 Photos

Norm Grant is a Rhode Island based photographer who among other subjects has taken some gorgeous pictures of sailboat racing on Narragansett Bay. He has been a photographer for 30 years, currently producing video for the Community College of Rhode Island and shooting freelance photo and video assignments. He welcomes inquiries for event photography, documentaries, or corporate videos, and can be reached through his website at http:////normangrant.zenfolio.com


He has kindly lent our website numerous photos of Sea Sprite 23’s sailing in local races in the upper Narragansett Bay. The images below are from Bristol YC races in 2010 and 2013 as well as from the Mount Hope Sailing Association races in 2013 and the Herreshoff Regatta from 2010. You will also see a few of them cropped and used as web site headers. If you use any of these pictures from our site, please give him appropriate credit. If you would like prints, they can be ordered from his website.


By the way, if you would like to while away some time in the cold (or even warm) weather season, go to his website and scroll through his galleries. He has some spectacular shoots of PHRF yachts and big boat Herreshoff classics racing in the Upper Narraganset Bay.


SEA SPRITE RACING PICTURES FROM NORM GRANT. Single click on photo for full size screen.



Bob Rude and crew racing in MOHOSA 2013

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As part of my winter project to post descriptions of rehabs for reference by Sea Sprite owners, here is another recent major SS23 restorations done by Tim Lackey in Whitfield, Maine. It is Aventura, owned by Peter Krause of MacMahan Island, Maine. Tim does fine work, and posts terrific documentation of the entire project.

Click here to get to Tim’s documentation of the work he did on Aventura: